Horde of the Dragon Queen

Campfire Weekend Part Three

Columboian Exchange

Our heroes trek across the plains with Leosin. Over a campfire that night the newly rescued prisoner relate some information about his Harper investigation of the cult of Tiamat.

That night Rictar is woken on almost every watch to have terse conversations. He’s a popular guy!

Upon returning to Greenest the party is offered another job by Leosin. Go sit on the camp, keep watch and report back to the monk if anything changes. He’d also like a look inside the cave if they can manage it.

Rictar abruptly leaves the in where the party discusses this offer, going to sit outside and stare at his sword for a while. Inside, the party takes the opportunity to talk about this strange companion and whether he can be trusted.

Finally, our heroes accept the job and head back out to the camp. When they get to the campsite, however, they find that the majority of the cult has fled in multiple directions, leaving only a skeleton crew behind to guard the camp and cave.


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