Horde of the Dragon Queen

Campfire Weekend Part Two

Now You Shee Him...

In which our intrepid heroes perform some reconnaissance on the camp of the cultists and Rictar and Katriel infiltrate.

The camp of the cultists is large, with around 100-150 cultists, kobolds, hunters and mercs wandering around it at any given time. The party sends in its sneakiest and best informed members to look around. They spot what appears to be a command tent and a cave, both guarded watchfully.

Fortunately for Brother Leosin, the prisoners are not so well guarded. While Katriel frees the captured monk, Rictar chats up the cultist on watch, one Debra. Debra is a font of useful information about the cult and she recognizes Rictar’s short sword. As it turns out, High Lord Severin has one just like it!

After dispatching a cultist who followed Katriel and Brother Leosin out of camp, they meet up with Rictar, Ezra and Yazgash and head back to Greenest. But not before Yazgash has a pleasant chat with a prairie dog, in a language that sounds like it must be Prairie Dog.


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