Horde of the Dragon Queen

Feast Mode

An Elturgard Home Companion

Our intrepid heroes arrive in Elturel and are led to the Harper agent Leosin. After thanking, and paying, the party, Leosin dismisses everyone but Ezra. Yazgash discovers The Feast Of The Companion, along with a laundry list of events to attend. Katriel does some shopping, but is interrupted by an excitable Ezra, who ruins her attempts at bargaining. Rictar meets up with an old friend and talks business. Eventually, Leosin offers Katriel a place among the Harpers and offers a new mission to the whole party. Leosin wants our heroes to infiltrate a caravan with cultists on the Trade Way and follow them to their destination, gathering information along the way. He’ll need to sell this pitch to his colleague in the Order of the Gauntlet.

Yazgash nearly mars herself for the chance to engage in competition.
Katriel gets a nearly new shield.
Rictar’s best friend is charming, personable, kinda evil.
Ezra gets a tattoo!


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