Horde of the Dragon Queen

My Way Or The Trade Way Part Four

Abashed and Aburned

Yaz and Avery follow the tunnel beneath the storeroom to find a cave system with multiple branchings. One such branching brings them back to what appears to be an old site of the Carnath Roadhouse. Another exit to the cave brings the duo outside, where they find a well traveled trail into the marsh. After hours of walking along the trail they stop to camp and make a fire. Soon thereafter a black dragon attacks, burning each of them with it’s deadly acid. They return for back-up, abashed and aburned.

Meanwhile, Ezra and Daar talk their way back into the compound. Mostly, anyway. Ezra is turned away at the door a number of times. The next day the two trail the workers to their jobsite and look for their friends there, not finding them.


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