Horde of the Dragon Queen

The Grass Is Always Greenest Part Five

Lightning Crashes, An Old Town Guard Dies

As Yazgash, Ezra and Katriel take villagers to safety, Rictar winds up his interrogation of the captured cultist. Arriving with the last of the villagers, coincidently at the same time Rictar finishes his talk with the cultist, the party sees that the dragon that has been circling the town is now attacking the keep. As Yazgash and Katriel cower in fear, Ric and Ezra hatch a daring plan and run for the ramparts. They jury-rig a de-commissioned ballista. Ezra smites the dragon and stands ready as bait for its terrible retribution. At the last second Ric fires the ballista, knocking the great winged beast off-course. Annoyed and fed up, the dragon soars away.

After patching themselves up and helping to defend against an attach from the gate, our intrepid heroes spot a bonfire being made near the mill. As they get to the scene they realize that the cultists are just pretending to burn the mill to set a trap. After Katriel dispatches the sham arsonist, Rictar springs the trap by peeking in the mill’s doorway. Several mercenaries and a dangerous cult leader attack. After dispatching the armed thugs, the group turns its attention to the culty cleric. The evil caster falls, but not before knocking Yazgash out. Having secured the mill with replacements from the town guard, our heroes make their way back to the keep to lick their wounds.


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