Horde of the Dragon Queen

The Grass Is Always Greenest Part Six

Ric and Fort-y

Our heroes return to the fort from the mill after being spelled by the town guard, who set promptly to refortifying it. Once back in safety, Katriel confronts Ric concerning his priorities. The two part ways, agreeing that neither wants to work with the other. Until…

A massive half-dragon, Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, steps forward and challenges the defenders of the fort to send out their strongest warrior for single combat. The stakes turn out to be the beloved Castellan Escobert’s family. Katriel shrugs off Ezra’s concerns, but not his helpful magic, and steps out to confront the half-dragon cult leader. Glorious battle ensues, which Katriel wins by the skin of her teeth. Bleeding and limping, she stares down the rest of the gathered forces, who make a tactical retreat, but surprisingly leave their hostages unharmed. Katriel collapses back inside the walls of the fort.

Ezra helps to search the town and begins performing last rites. Yazgash feels her connection to nature intensifying and is almost overwhelmed with the desire to go hunting. Katriel offers Yaz the fallen half-dragon’s sword. Ric expresses his admiration at Katriel’s impressive violence and the two form a strong and lasting “we’ll see” pact to work together.

The governor asks our heroes for more help, in the form of scouting out the cult’s main camp in the area and rescuing their prisoners. Our sleepy heroes take a nap after a brief bout of wolf hunting.


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