Horde of the Dragon Queen

Your Cave Is Problematic Part Three

Roses Are Red/Dragons Are Too/All Hail Tiamat

Pushing deeper into the cult’s dragon hatchery our intrepid heroes find Frulam Mondath, cleric of Tiamat and aspiring poet. After a brief scuffle our Mondath and her guards, and therefore the last of the cultists at the caves, are dispatched. A map is found, with what Rictar suspects is the cult’s next move sketched out.

The hatchery itself is discovered and the black dragon eggs found therein are destroyed. The party befriends a captive troglodyte who helps them dispatch the guard drakes. The party’s new friend leads them to the spot where his troglodyte incursion broke into the cave and bids them a fond farewell.

Having completed their objective the party is now free to ponder the newly revealed mysteries of the cult and ponder their sinister meanings.

Highlights: Rictar somehow missed a hidden door and is unrelatedly quite badly burned by drake acid and torn by drake teeth. He’s probably fine though. Katriel watches agape as six troglodytes dispatch a drider, reminding us all that we are in Faerun. Yazgash discovers poetry. Ezra reads a book.




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