Ezra Lannowyn


Ezra is idealistic and green, but with the training that comes with being an initiate to the harpers he is also quite confidant that what he is doing is right. He also believes he has been chosen by Mystra to serve her will – be it to preserve magic or stop those who would misuse it. He believes magic to be a valuable tool, but not a crutch.

Ez believes in the tenets of the Harpers of liberty for all, and therefore was very concerned with the idea that some of the citizens of Greenest had becomes slaves and there was no plans to help them. He believes all of his allies have the potential for greatness, and wants to be there as they discover themselves in ways to grow to be better persons. He is not interested in directly challenging beliefs, more nudging them by his actions and words, and being on hand if they need some sort of guidance.

There are certainly some elements of naivety in all of this, but he also feels strongly about right and wrong and his mission. In this case, he’s interested in stopping the cultists, and is willing to take risks to do so determining that with faith and perseverance, he will succeed. He is also trained enough to know when others are better – for example better warriors or infiltrators, and he is very quick to defer when past experience shows another to be better suited for the job.


Ezra grew up near the Dessarin River, east of Yartar and west of the High Forest. His family lived on a small homestead working in fields and forests nearby. As a boy Ez helped his father and sisters bring wares to the yearly market in Yarvin and hunt with his mother in the forest.

He grew to really respect nature and balance with respect for both the land and the communities around it. He also found he had some form of relationship with magic as well – and when the nearby Druid order showed interest in taking him as an initiate, he was excited for the opportunity.

Unfortunately, he was not cut out for the Druid Circles. He returned home but found someone waiting. It was a man named Seanan, a chosen of Mystra and member of the Harpers. He explained that his failure with the druid order was because he had a greater calling, that from Mystra herself, lady of magic.

Ez left with Seanan under his tutelage, hoping to someday see the sights of Silverymoon, where he is based. He spent the next several months traveling south and learning the ways of the Harpers. More recently, Seanan and Ez were heading to Greenest to investigate some activity that might be related to the Cult of the Dragon. On the way, a harper agent came in the night to the camp, and after a quick discussion Seanan explained he had to attend to other matters and that Ez should carry on ahead.

As he continued on the road he encountered a fighter and sorcerer who were on their own mission of revenge against a cult – possibly the same cult. He traveled with them, offering healing and companionship.

Ezra Lannowyn

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