short-lived but helpful warlock adventurer


Lucius is 4’ and 40 lbs. He has dark hair and eyes – a brown so dark that when not viewed in the light it looks black. He has a bronzed skin tone and wears a simple ‘adventuring gear’ outfit of browns and tans.

Although a halfling, Lucius could conceivably be mistaken for a human child playing dress up. His hair is medium length and largely unkempt, and his clothing is often messy with mud and dirt.

His demeanor is often quiet or pensive – especially in social situations. That is, until a mystery or question arises that needs answering. At that point he can get very excited and even belligerent in being able to investigate it fully. He often will scribble notes down of the things he sees in a book he keeps on his belt in its own little holster of sorts.


Want a mystery?

I’m a mystery!


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