Rictar Delaney


Rictar stands about six feet tall. He has grey eyes and closely-cropped, unkempt black hair. Something of a stubble hangs on his face, though one might guess it being yet unable to form into a full beard. He seems to be in his early twenties, but the seemingly permanent bags under his eyes belie this estimate.

He wears a dark brown overcoat that hangs on him more like a cloak, with a clasp near the neck. The pack on his back is of a similar color, and a cylindrical case hangs attached vertically on one side. His tunic is dark green, and he wears dark leather pants and boots. On the cloak above his heart hangs an odd, ornamented brooch of teal, orange, and silver, which seems to conflict with the drab earth-tones that otherwise make up his garb.

At first glance, one might guess him to be a simple, almost ignorant commoner; his eyes often appear to drift to the middle distance in a witless manner, and he does not appear to be wearing armor or carrying weapons.

Rictar Delaney

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