Horde of the Dragon Queen

Mere In The Headlights
The Incredible Resulka

Our heroes, following a brief bathroom break in which Yaz discovers graffiti ( http://2.media.collegehumor.cvcdn.com/47/63/ad029e035a60b37f806e98e4881b6cf2.jpg ), take their leave of Waterdeep and get back on the Coast Way headed north. The leader of their new caravan, Ardred Briferhew, came across as a real talent. Absolutely dedicated to his job with a keen eye for detail, a knack for execution and the work ethic of ten men. But when the caravan is attacked by a resulka Ardred steps aside, in a spirit of teamwork, for the more gifted players. And while the party is going to miss Ardred Briferhew, they will take his inspiring presence with them on the road to the championsh-ahem the stopping of Tiamat. What was I talking about?

Anyway, the party dispatches a spirit who summoned a water weird and turned the shadows of the caravan members against themselves. In a display of pure holy might, Ezra turns the offending spirit, who flies off into the night shrieking. Shortly thereafter Avery sets her, and a not insignificant part of the swamp, alight with a fireball. A good time was had by all.

Finally, after 10 days the party arrives at the Carnath Roadhouse.

Waterdeep Impact Part Three
The Northwest Wing

Our heroes meet back up with Leosin in the Yawning Portal. Leosin confides that he has begun bringing together influential members of the powerful organizations that sponsor the party in order to bring their might to bear against the cult of Tiamat. He shares his reluctance to do so. A powerful and influential group of allies can bring great resources against the cult, but the more powerful and influential the more likely to want to use the group for their own ends. Fairly warned, the party enters what Leosin is calling The Council Quiet.

The Council Quiet is made up of Ser Ontharr Frume of the Order of the Gauntlet, Delaan Winterhound of the Emerald Enclave, Leosin himself, the Lady Laeral Silverhand of the Lord’s Alliance, Waterdeep nobility and daughter of the goddess Mystra. And our beloved heroes, of course. The party recounts their current efforts to chase the cult’s treasure delivery system and the council assigns them four tasks: 1)Continue following the trail of the hoard of the Dragon Queen as it travels north, 2) hunt down and slay Rezmir the Black Wyrmspeaker, 3) hunt down and slay the remaining four Wyrmspeakers, and finally, 4) prevent the Rise of Tiamat. No problem, right?

The party suggests that their former traveling companion Jamna Gleamsilver may be useful in bringing the Zhentarim, and all of their resources, to the table. The council agrees and asks the party to make the approach. Jamna agrees to join the council and bring the Zhentarim to the Council Quiet, so long as they are able to join as full members. The Zhentarim will always have a seat and a vote on the council. After some discussion, the party and the council agree. As a show of good faith, Jamna offers the name of two of the four unnamed Wyrmspeakers: Galvan the Blue and Severin the Red. She also agrees to join the caravan north to continue following the cult. Delaan agrees to procure some cultural and medicinal herbs and Opten agrees to sell them as the group’s cover to continue up the road north. Newly minted as members of the High Road Charter Company, the party sets out on the trade road along with the cultists from their previous caravan and, to their surprise, Lasfelro the Silent.

Waterdeep Impact Part Two
And This Is Why You Never Date A Foodie

Our heroes start off the session split in twain by the unlawful arrest of Daar and arguably lawful arrest of Yazgash.

Avery and Ezra search the crime scene and Avery finds a hidden shopping list. The only item not checked off is a rare type of mushroom. After tracking the curious crimini to a local grocer, Avery bribes the address of the only person in the city who regularly buys the singular shitoki.
In service to the greater good Avery ruins a perfectly good dinner, makes Ezra appear to smell of sour sturgeon and finally convinces the suspect and his boyfriend leave the apartment so it can be searched. Ezra spends a good amount of time trying to convince two strangers he doesn’t smell like rotten roach.

Meanwhile the jail birds (get it?) confer with the lead dragon cultist on the particulars of the breakout. After surveying their enclosure, Daar and Yaz ask to see the bombsky womsky and the idiot dragon cultist happily hands it over. Yaz holds it smoking in her hands as Daar boldly threatens to blow up the guards if they don’t help the pair escape. The plan starts off fine, but when the dragon cultist spots the escape he leads the remaining cultists in an impromptu jailbreak. Daar and Yaz get to the elevator in time to see the prison yard get overrun by escapees.

Meanwhile again (!) Ezra, in the single greatest power move of this game, finishes the dinner Avery ruined and sets the table. When Darus and his SO come back from dinner to find them in the apartment eating mushroom and wine sauce with pasta they are appropriately terrified. Between Ezra’s cooking, and magical theatrics, and Avery’s bad cop routine the pair break and confess to being paid off to finding a scapegoat for the real murderer: Rezmir the black half-dragon.

Armed with this information Avery and Ezra secure Daar and Yaz’s freedom, providing nobody mentions the details to anyone in Waterdeep. Daar and Yaz, threatening to blow the prison sky-high, come nearly face-to-face with the messenger carrying their pardon.

After a long day of arrest and investigation, the party retires to the Yawning Portal tavern where they find Leosin Erlanthar waiting for them.

Waterdeep Impact
The Dragonborn Identity

As our heroes approach Waterdeep the local guards spot Daar and all hell breaks loose. The guards surround Darr and arrest her for murder, B&E, assault and a handful of other crimes. Yazgash doesn’t take kindly to this and stages a bit of a violent protest. Both adventurers are arrested and hauled off to court. A kangaroo court, in fact, where the judge very swiftly passes judgment and sentence. Daar and Yaz are found guilty and tossed in the pokey.

In Waterdeep’s near Undermountain jail the pair are approached by a dragon cultist who assumes they’ve arrived to help with his plan of breaking out some new converts to join Tiamat’s cause. He seems like a bit of a bit of a dope, but his colleague isn’t much better, so Daar and Yaz begin making plans for their own escape.

Meanwhile Ezra and Avery try to figure out what happened from the outside. They find a court clerk who is willing to talk. Apparently a minor transportation official had been brutally killed in his office, along with most of his staff, shortly before taking over the Karnath roadhouse on the Neverwinter to Waterdeep road construction project. Only one government employee escaped the carnage, the same one who preemptively testified against Daar. Avery and Ez search Darus, the government official’s apartment to no avail. Using an invisibility spell the detective duo sneak into the crime scene and start poking around.

Highlights: Ezra’s Spotlight moment,

Caravan Wilder Part Eleven
The Goodbye (Dragon) Girl

One morning on the way to breakfast the party sees that the cultist wagons have been robbed. The cultist who overheard Ezra a month and more ago tries to win big gambling against Ezra and Avery. When he loses instead, he snarls that he knows what Ezra has done and that he’ll see him pay for it. The next day the cultist shows up beaten bloody and glaring at the party.

The caravan has a potluck to celebrate it’s imminent arrival in Waterdeep.

Regarding their plans once they arrive in Waterdeep; Amo reveals his plans to meet his Harper contact at the Yawning Portal in Waterdeep. Jamna says she’ll likely try to pick up her next lead there too. Prince Tolthe is directed to the temple of Mystra by Ezra to research the fallen elven civilization and to catch up on world events. Opten says he’ll hang around town for a couple of days while trying to figure out his next move.

On trying to enter the beautiful metropolis of Waterdeep Daar is arrested and whisked away. Yazgash makes a scene and is summarily whisked as well.

Caravan Wilder Part Ten
Pain It Forward

Our heroes return to the caravan where “the brave adventurers” are fired from their jobs as caravan guards, but are allowed to remain as passengers until Waterdeep. They are very grateful to the party for saving their lives and speaking on their behalf with Beyd and Rakraduk.

Yaz takes the party and hangers-on to dinner at The Broken Oar in Daggerford. Everyone hears some pretty bluegrass music and has a nice dinner. The next morning the caravan has two new members Azbara Jos, a human man in his late 40 or early 50’s who joins on as a passnger with the cult wagons, and Jamna Gleamsilver, a gnome woman in her late thirties who joins on as a passenger with Oyn Evenmor. The party soon notices Jamna watching the cultists and themselves. They also notice that she notices them noticing her! The party introduces themselves and Jamna is distant, but polite.

The next morning Jamna picks out a bone sliver from Yazgash’s oatmeal and warns them not to eat breakfast. She says she’ll talk to them more later.

Before that conversation can take place the caravan runs into the back of some slow cultists of Loviatar, celebrating their feast of Pain and Purity. Apparently they won’t quit until they get enough of one to cause the other. Avery obliges them with a fireball and the cultists sit on the roadside nursing their burn pains and quietly praying grateful prayers.

Jamna returns that night to talk with the party and in exchange for information on what’s in the wagons, Jamna reveals her ties to the Zhentarim.

Caravan Wilder Part Nine
That's So White Raven

Our heroes go back and forth on the morality of letting idiots trick themselves before finally going forward with their plan to lure in the infamous bandit, Ze White Raven, into a double ambush using the boastful new “adventurers” who just joined the caravan. After a fearsome battle, our heroes are victorious and the pretenders have shown their true stripes.

White two of the “adventurers” flee, the other two stay behind and try their best to contribute. On seeing their comrades in dire straights the fraidy-cats return to try and help. They do their best, but Kyler falls and would have died without intervention from Daar and Ezra.

Caravan Wilder Part Eight
The World According To Harp

Carlon Amoffel takes Avery aside and asks for a meeting with Daar, Avery and Rakraduk. Avery invites the whole party. Amo lets on that he knows of a possible bandit attack coming the caravan’s way. After Amo gives some information on the bandits, and is accused by Ezra of holding things back, the group plans a counter ambush. The caravan will hold back and send just a single wagon (containing the caravan’s mightiest warriors) forward to surprise the highwaypeople. Having nothing to fear from a single wagon, the party believes the bandits will send some of their force to attack the easy target, only to find that it’s not so easy prey. The rest of the bandits shouldn’t trouble the caravan as the rest of the wagons pass through to Daggerford.

Highlights: I have to admit, I had to run out of the room to help with a baby too many times to really take note. Sorry, guys, for the lack of focus. Bound to happen occasionally!

Caravan Wilder Part Seven
All Fired Up

Yazgash gets an interesting offer from Werond. It turns out that she is a member of the Emerald Enclave and asks Yaz if she has an interest in joining. After finding out the group’s purpose and goals, Yaz seems interested, but may have talked her way out of membership. Werond has agreed to watch her actions in the caravan until they reach Waterdeep to see if she has the making of a real member of the Enclave.

A couple nights later the caravan is attacked by ettercaps and giant spiders who cut the horses traces and drag them off to a cave to be devoured. Avery remembers his elven history too late, as the ettercaps focus exclusively on the half-elf who represents the ancient enmity between their two peoples. Elves drove the ettercaps out of the forests and nearly hunted them to extension to establish their arboreal empire. Yazgash cuts the captured horses free while Ezra attack the ettercaps. Daar, needing a free hand to draw her sword and join the battle, drops her torch on some nearby spiderwebs, which turn out to be very flamable. As the cave fills with fire and smoke Daar uses her dragonborn breath weapon to clear a path to the exit, which the party, with the exception of Yaz, use. Just before a new wave of spiders and ettercaps charge into the chamber and finish off the raging half-orc, Ezra uses a magical whip to pull her from the chamber while Avery lights the cave up with a magical fireball. Pretty bad-ass shit. The cave explodes and our heroes escape with their horses, only to find that the camp is enthralled with the Wayfinders (the self-given nickname of the boastful new adventuring party) story of ettercaps, giant spiders and spider demons!

Highlights: Damn near everything

Caravan Wilder Part Six
The Scorrowers

Our brave party comes across a man buried in the road with the word “Oathbreaker” painted on his forehead. After giving him some water, healing him and digging him from the pit the party, and the caravan, finds out that his name is Carlon Amoffel. He tells everyone his story of love lost. According to Amoffel he had to leave a woman at the alter when she revealed that part of the job of husbandry would be to join her father and brothers as bandits on the Trade Road. His not-to-be in-laws then buried him in the road with his accusing henna. Ezra notes his Harper tattoo, but doesn’t say anything to him for fear that the oath he broke was to the Harpers. Amoffel is offered a place in the caravan as far as Daggerford, where Radraduk and the merchants of the caravan believe he should be handed over to the authorities. Amoffel himself promises recompense if he makes it to Waterdeep.

A couple of days later the caravan meets a group of travelers who have risen late. Four adventurers, who claim to be mighty warriors, get themselves hired as Beyd Sechepol’s bar security. That night they spin complicated tales of grand adventurers in far away places. Their tales, often accompanied by some acting out and small feats of magic by their resident caster, always have them as the heroes, performing exciting and dangerous rescues and capers. The party doesn’t much cotton to them, but they do extract a claim that this new band will be at the fore of whatever fray comes next.

-Yazgash appreciates hearing the music of her people.
-Tolthe is outed as a predecessor of the Crane Boys.
-Daar carries SO. MUCH. WATER.


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