Horde of the Dragon Queen

Feast Mode
An Elturgard Home Companion

Our intrepid heroes arrive in Elturel and are led to the Harper agent Leosin. After thanking, and paying, the party, Leosin dismisses everyone but Ezra. Yazgash discovers The Feast Of The Companion, along with a laundry list of events to attend. Katriel does some shopping, but is interrupted by an excitable Ezra, who ruins her attempts at bargaining. Rictar meets up with an old friend and talks business. Eventually, Leosin offers Katriel a place among the Harpers and offers a new mission to the whole party. Leosin wants our heroes to infiltrate a caravan with cultists on the Trade Way and follow them to their destination, gathering information along the way. He’ll need to sell this pitch to his colleague in the Order of the Gauntlet.

Yazgash nearly mars herself for the chance to engage in competition.
Katriel gets a nearly new shield.
Rictar’s best friend is charming, personable, kinda evil.
Ezra gets a tattoo!

Your Cave Is Problematic Part Four
The Gobfather

Our intrepid heroes help their new troglodyte friend join his companions. A wheeled cage is found for the unconscious Deb.

Ezra and Katriel chase down the berserkers they so recently let go. In exchange for the pair’s horses the bold warriors explain that the cult got rattled when Leosin disappeared, scattering their forces and treasure in different wagons across the Greenfields.

Yazgash laments the loss of the best poet she’d ever heard to Rictar, who listens incredulously.

The group makes their slow way back to Greenest, where they receive a hero’s welcome and are given new gear and horses by Leosin’s generosity. The governor agrees to house Deb until a Harper contact can collect her.

The group sets off for Elturel and after some adventures, make it there in one piece. Ezra is signaled by a Harper and leads the party to a private tea room where Leosin waits for them.

- Ezra fixes a wheel.
- The party meets a band of Bahamuttian evangelical dancers.
- A strange farmer is eaten right off his wagon by a dragon, three nearby travelers gain a new wagon.
- The party wisely refuses to investigate a small child traveling with a group of goblins.

Your Cave Is Problematic Part Three
Roses Are Red/Dragons Are Too/All Hail Tiamat

Pushing deeper into the cult’s dragon hatchery our intrepid heroes find Frulam Mondath, cleric of Tiamat and aspiring poet. After a brief scuffle our Mondath and her guards, and therefore the last of the cultists at the caves, are dispatched. A map is found, with what Rictar suspects is the cult’s next move sketched out.

The hatchery itself is discovered and the black dragon eggs found therein are destroyed. The party befriends a captive troglodyte who helps them dispatch the guard drakes. The party’s new friend leads them to the spot where his troglodyte incursion broke into the cave and bids them a fond farewell.

Having completed their objective the party is now free to ponder the newly revealed mysteries of the cult and ponder their sinister meanings.

Highlights: Rictar somehow missed a hidden door and is unrelatedly quite badly burned by drake acid and torn by drake teeth. He’s probably fine though. Katriel watches agape as six troglodytes dispatch a drider, reminding us all that we are in Faerun. Yazgash discovers poetry. Ezra reads a book.



Your Cave Is Problematic Part Two
What A Tangled Deb We Weave

Continuing into the cult’s cavernous hatchery, our heroes stumble upon a mysterious alchemical lab. The lab’s resident, a gravel-voiced gentleman named Rath Modar, offers the party a new job: killing Greenest’s governor and fetching his head. The party refuses and their new potential patron drinks a potion and disappears.

Deb finishes her, apparently painful, transformation into a drake and attacks the party. Katriel knocks the new drake out and leaves her, and two other drakes, locked in the laboratory.

Our heroes delve deeper, finding some barracks and a shrine. Upon removing a chest from the shrine Katriel trips a trap, flooding the room with an acidic mist.

Our heroes retire to the access tunnel to catch their breath and assess the situation.

Your Cave Is Problematic Part One
The Hatch Game

Finding an empty camp, our heroes launch into their plan. Katriel and Yazgash attempt to infiltrate, while Rictar and Ezra keep watch from above. Yazgash hits it off with the surly hunters and Katriel strikes out with the kobolds. Not getting anything from the little literal lackeys, Katriel makes her way to the cave entrance.

Confronted by a voice in the darkness demanding to know her orders, Katriel comes up with a story on the fly. Using Debra’s name to try and bluff her way past the guards doesn’t go over well, as they attack immediately. Katriel backs out into the main camp and cleverly lures/fearfully runs her attackers (now bolstered by the remaining kobolds) to the corner of the ravine the party planned to use as a rescue point.

Things look grim for Katriel until Ric and Ezra show up, dropping a rope to get her out. When her friend is halfway up the rope, Yazgash springs into a plan of her own: running straight at the cultists and kobolds yelling “Fight me!”

Katriel swears and drops back into the fray. With Rictar providing covering dart throws from the top of the ridge, Yazgash and Katriel make short work of their enemies. Ezra also clambers down to help, but arrives too late to be of much use.

The party, now committed to the excursion, enter the caves. They make the daring discoveries of a fungal garden and a meat locker. Two traps are disarmed and the party steadies their resolve to delve deeper into the cult’s hatchery.

Campfire Weekend Part Three
Columboian Exchange

Our heroes trek across the plains with Leosin. Over a campfire that night the newly rescued prisoner relate some information about his Harper investigation of the cult of Tiamat.

That night Rictar is woken on almost every watch to have terse conversations. He’s a popular guy!

Upon returning to Greenest the party is offered another job by Leosin. Go sit on the camp, keep watch and report back to the monk if anything changes. He’d also like a look inside the cave if they can manage it.

Rictar abruptly leaves the in where the party discusses this offer, going to sit outside and stare at his sword for a while. Inside, the party takes the opportunity to talk about this strange companion and whether he can be trusted.

Finally, our heroes accept the job and head back out to the camp. When they get to the campsite, however, they find that the majority of the cult has fled in multiple directions, leaving only a skeleton crew behind to guard the camp and cave.

Campfire Weekend Part Two
Now You Shee Him...

In which our intrepid heroes perform some reconnaissance on the camp of the cultists and Rictar and Katriel infiltrate.

The camp of the cultists is large, with around 100-150 cultists, kobolds, hunters and mercs wandering around it at any given time. The party sends in its sneakiest and best informed members to look around. They spot what appears to be a command tent and a cave, both guarded watchfully.

Fortunately for Brother Leosin, the prisoners are not so well guarded. While Katriel frees the captured monk, Rictar chats up the cultist on watch, one Debra. Debra is a font of useful information about the cult and she recognizes Rictar’s short sword. As it turns out, High Lord Severin has one just like it!

After dispatching a cultist who followed Katriel and Brother Leosin out of camp, they meet up with Rictar, Ezra and Yazgash and head back to Greenest. But not before Yazgash has a pleasant chat with a prairie dog, in a language that sounds like it must be Prairie Dog.

Campfire Weekend
Go Take A Hike

After a refreshing nap in Greenest, our intrepid heroes head out with the purpose of finding the cultist’s camp. A vigorous debate about the relative merits of rescuing kidnapped victims versus the risk of pulling down the full martial weight of the cult ensues. There’s not much of a consensus, but the party agrees to reasses once the situation is clearer.

A few hours out the party stumbles across some stragglers who are making a late lunch over a very visible cooking fire. One of the cultist’s horks up a long, soft egg into a carrying bag. After doing some horrified, quiet horking of their own, the party fails to talk their way into the lunch circle. With bile fresh in their mouths the party puts the cultists and kobolds down.

After a few more hours of traveling the group is ambushed by waiting cultists who put up a tough fight. Finally, the fight is finished and the party sees a clear path to the Camp of the Dagron Queen.

The Grass Is Always Greenest Part Six
Ric and Fort-y

Our heroes return to the fort from the mill after being spelled by the town guard, who set promptly to refortifying it. Once back in safety, Katriel confronts Ric concerning his priorities. The two part ways, agreeing that neither wants to work with the other. Until…

A massive half-dragon, Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, steps forward and challenges the defenders of the fort to send out their strongest warrior for single combat. The stakes turn out to be the beloved Castellan Escobert’s family. Katriel shrugs off Ezra’s concerns, but not his helpful magic, and steps out to confront the half-dragon cult leader. Glorious battle ensues, which Katriel wins by the skin of her teeth. Bleeding and limping, she stares down the rest of the gathered forces, who make a tactical retreat, but surprisingly leave their hostages unharmed. Katriel collapses back inside the walls of the fort.

Ezra helps to search the town and begins performing last rites. Yazgash feels her connection to nature intensifying and is almost overwhelmed with the desire to go hunting. Katriel offers Yaz the fallen half-dragon’s sword. Ric expresses his admiration at Katriel’s impressive violence and the two form a strong and lasting “we’ll see” pact to work together.

The governor asks our heroes for more help, in the form of scouting out the cult’s main camp in the area and rescuing their prisoners. Our sleepy heroes take a nap after a brief bout of wolf hunting.

The Grass Is Always Greenest Part Five
Lightning Crashes, An Old Town Guard Dies

As Yazgash, Ezra and Katriel take villagers to safety, Rictar winds up his interrogation of the captured cultist. Arriving with the last of the villagers, coincidently at the same time Rictar finishes his talk with the cultist, the party sees that the dragon that has been circling the town is now attacking the keep. As Yazgash and Katriel cower in fear, Ric and Ezra hatch a daring plan and run for the ramparts. They jury-rig a de-commissioned ballista. Ezra smites the dragon and stands ready as bait for its terrible retribution. At the last second Ric fires the ballista, knocking the great winged beast off-course. Annoyed and fed up, the dragon soars away.

After patching themselves up and helping to defend against an attach from the gate, our intrepid heroes spot a bonfire being made near the mill. As they get to the scene they realize that the cultists are just pretending to burn the mill to set a trap. After Katriel dispatches the sham arsonist, Rictar springs the trap by peeking in the mill’s doorway. Several mercenaries and a dangerous cult leader attack. After dispatching the armed thugs, the group turns its attention to the culty cleric. The evil caster falls, but not before knocking Yazgash out. Having secured the mill with replacements from the town guard, our heroes make their way back to the keep to lick their wounds.


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