Horde of the Dragon Queen

The Grass Is Always Greenest Part Four
Chauntea With The Wind

Yazgash, Ezra and Katriel dispatch some assorted cultists and kobolds besieging the town’s temple to Chauntea. The other group they send running off on a wild goose chase. After getting inside they find dozens of the villagers panicking inside. After befriending Father Falconmoon, the local cleric, the party climbs to the roof to dispatch the third group of cultists, cleverly using the slanted roof as cover.

Rictar trades recipes with the captured cultist.

The Grass Is Always Greenest Part Three
Chauntea In 60 Seconds

Yazgash mounts and Rictar shows a yellow streak. After a bracing conversation with the completely teen Yazgash, Rictar agrees to help the besieged town.

Our adventurers venture outside of the fort, using an old tunnel shown them by Escobert. They captured a gullible cultist, who followed Katriel to his doom. New Katriel, it seems, knows some of the ways of the Cult of the Dragon. While Rictar took the doomed cultist back into the fort, the rest of the party stalked through the town, after a brief fight with some mercenaries and cultists.

Katriel, Ezra and Yazgash found the temple of Chauntea being assaulted. They successfully defeated the group trying to burn the back door down and approached the temple, trying to help.

Meanwhile, Rictar pumps the captured cultist bro for information. Cultist bro informs Rictar that they’re raiding the town for loot “for the horde of the Queen of Dragons, bro” and that the cult’s base of operations is AN AS YET UNDETERMINED DISTANCE to the south and west. Escobert thanks Rictar for his help and allows him back out into the night to find his friends and help them thwart the Cult of the Dragon.

The Grass Is Always Greenest Part Two
Life's Too Fort

Our heroes take stock of the fort’s defenses, finding them to be pretty solid, except for the sally port Katriel opened to admit her cultist and kobold friends. After violently dealing with Batriel’s (bad Katriel) betrayal, the party met the Real Katriel. Turns out Batriel, who is actually called Elodie, betrayed Katriel a few months back, running Katriel through, stealing a book precious to her and her sword. While engrossed in the story, the party was attacked by another wave of cultists, kobolds and a drake. The drake killed the poor halfling warlock, who only wanted to help the party and had nothing but good intentions and probably wasn’t worshipping some kind of dark cthonic Other being from a realm beyond goodness and light that hungered for the destruction of all living things. Probably.

The party shored up the fort’s defenses and met Real Katriel’s other best friend, a cleric (probably) who healed the party up and introduced himself thoroughly, with no pause or hesitation or place-holding.

The Grass Is Always Greenest Part One
Fort Knockers

Our intrepid heroes, lured by offers of help in their individual endeavors by Gundren, set off for the Green Fields. Though each pursued their own agenda, our heroes made the journey to the town of Greenest together.

While consuming some of the town’s finest victuals and beverages at The White Swan the group started to discuss their next steps when the inn exploded in lightning. Fleeing the inn before it caught fire and collapsed, our heroes found that a blue dragon and a small army was attacking the town.

Meeting up with a (doomed) halfling warlock who was rescuing a family in the street from an attack by kobolds, the party made their way through the town to the fort, but not before Rictar punched him a good one for talking back. Also, Katriel captured a cultist! After helping to repel an attack outside the gates the party were let in and the gates were closed.

The party met Governor Nighthill and Castellan (it’s like a sergeant) Escobert who thanked them for their bravery in defending the citizenry. They were asked to interrogate their prisoner and our heroes tried their best, but to no avail. After receiving a tight lipped response from the captive, Rictar stabbed the bound man in the shoulder, causing him to pass out. Castellan (it’s like a sergeant) Escobert stabilized the dying man.

The Cavengers 2
Rise of Ugly Gob

Our heroes returned to Cragmaw Cave with conquest in mind! Yazgash did her best Meadowlark Lemon impression with a dead goblin’s head to distract Yeemik while Rictar crept up behind for a lethal sneak attack. They then intimidated/befriended a couple of goblins keeping watch over two flood pools and sent them on their way. Our audacious heroes gave Klarg a classic McAllister greeting as they tricked the cave’s bugbear master into chasing into a trap of ball bearings, caltrops and oil. Classic McAllister stuff! Finally, they returned to Phandelver, loaded down with the goods they’d promised to return.

Wizards of Caverly Place
The Cavengers

Our intrepid heroes entered Cragmaw Cave, home of the Cragmaw clan of goblins. After avoiding some wolves, our heroes climbed a tunnel, finding a gathering of goblins. After luring some of the goblins away to their deaths, our heroes came into conflict with Yeemik and the rest of his goblin troops. Rictar passed out from her wounds and the party forged an uneasy detente with Yeemik, thanks to some timely magic from Katriel. The party left the caves with the captured Gundren and made their way back to town. Gundren offered them a job raiding the cave for the Cragmaw clan’s ill-gotten gains.

Into The Woods
A Goblin Runs Through It

Our heroes meet for the first time in Berdusk. Having all been roped into guarding a cart of mining supplies for the dwarf entrepreneur Gundren Rockseeker, the party leaves Berdusk with Gundren’s cart. After a rather tense series of opening salvos, the party hits the road and is soon set upon by goblins. After defeating an ambush on the trail the party follows the filthy buggers back to their cave, dispatching the initial runners and entering the cave. Yazgash is terse, Ric is mysterious, Katriel is friendly.

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