Horde of the Dragon Queen

Caravan Wilder Part Four
Troll Toll

Our heroes search the ruins of Trollclaw Ford looking for the missing teamster and horses. Having been previously warned about mischievous faeries in the area they decide to search quietly. After some crafty creeping the party finds them at the hands of some trolls. One troll looks like every account the party has heard about trolls. A Platonic troll. The other is blue skinned with tiny wings and bleeds glitter. The blue troll is quickly dispatched by Yazgash’s steel axe. The other, more traditional troll, is harder to dispatch, but finally goes down to a volley of fire spells from Avery.

With the missing teamster and horses the caravan crosses Trollclaw Ford and makes its way to Dragonspear Castle. The castle itself is shrouded by a magical mist that blocks nearly all sight of its silly, dragon-skeleton draped form. There is a small village outside which does well as a coach town.

There the party meets its new members, Delmirev Daar and her squire Brynn. Daar is sent to join the group from the Order of the Gauntlet. Brynn seems to be along for the ride.

Daar brings the party news that the cult is using a local wagonwright’s shop as a cover. The party creeps to the top floor of this converted barn to watch the cult. The cult is unpacking their chests and boxes of stolen loot and apparently searching through them for something. Overseeing the operation is Rath Modar and a dragon in human form.

Katriel slips away from the group and dons the hat of disguise. With a new face and a cultist’s training Katriel attempts to join in on the work to get a better vantage point. Unfortunately the dragon swiftly sniffs her out and in confronting her a book falls from her pack. Rath Modar examines it for a moment, shows it to the dragon and both agree that Katriel should be taken to their masters.

The dragon transforms into its larger body and flies off with Katriel in hand(claw) and Rath Modar riding.

Carvan Wilder Part Three
In Which Radraduk and Werond Take a Lichen To Yaz

After many days of rain, the party wakes to find the caravan surrounded by a field of spontaneous fungus. The caravan tries to get around the blockage, but there isn’t mushroom. While Radraduk doesn’t seem like much of a fungi he does see reason after Yaz is the only one who knows anything about these mushrooms and puts her in charge of clearing the way. It is difficult to clear the field, though, as every mushroom that is displaced expells a ghastly shriek and a noxious cloud that lightly poisons the attacker. After an explosive magical start, the work is finished by manual labor.

Three days later the party makes its way to Trollclaw Ford, where there are reports of mischevious faeries. The caravan has to stop for a short rest to seal the wagons for the crossing. Radraduk, with a little more faith in the party since the mushroom incident, approaches to ask them to search the abandoned town around them for a missing teamster and some horses. After some searching, and some truly outrageous stealth checks, the party finds two trolls, one with blue skin and wings, about to feast on the missing horses and teamster.

Caravan Wilder Part Two
More Like Nobgoblins

On Day 6th of their caravan journey, our heroes come across some perytons, who attempt to swoop down and steal teamsters. They later find out that the vicious stag birds require humanoid hearts to breed. Ezra manages to lasso one of them down with his thorn whip.

Two days later our heroes come across a stranded wagon, alone on the road, with its cargo piled between wheels on the road.. Avery’s sharp eyes notice some attacking hobgoblins, hiding from the road and firing at the besieged farmers. An elaborate plan is suggested, but never launched as good old fashioned stealth takes the day. Our heroes take out the hobgoblins handily and the farmers gratefully join the caravan.

Caravan Wilder
Opten In

The next morning our heroes get up and head to Ackyn Selebon in hopes of joining a caravan containing cultists. Ackyn introduces the party to their new companion, Avery Duskwalker, on loan from the Lord’s Alliance.

After greeting their new colleague, the party heads to the temple of Mystra, where Scholar Fornden informs them that Sestina can be cured. Ezra, Yazgash and Scholar Fornden perform the ritual, one that Ezra and Yaz promptly ad to their ritual books. Sestina asks to stay behind in the temple of Mystra and Yaz agrees.

Rather than hire on with strangers, the party next heads to Ric and Opten’s shop to convince him to put together a wagon and hire them as guards. In exchange for an equal share of whatever treasure they recover and the promise that it will irritate Ric, Opten agrees!

After saying their goodbyes to Baldur’s Gate our heroes set out on The Trade Way with Opten and a caravan they suspect is hiding cultists.

On the first day a curious halfling tries to buy Yaz’s wolf necklace. He is at first rebuffed, then Katriel offers to take a paw from the first dangerous animal they kill. Losvius Longnose is satisfied.

A couple days later a rich merchant is beating his horse nearly to death. Yaz starts to intervene, but Katriel throws money at the problem, buying the horse.

Discussion of the abundance of Fantasy Paperback names in Faerun, a place with a pretty Fantasy Paperback name of its own.

Yaz is so thrilled to be insightful!

Baldurghazi Part Three
Delaneyed Satisfaction

Our heroes reject Pyrk’s offer and smash open the ceramic eye to find a red diamond inside. On picking up the cursed gem, each party member in turn has a fit of rage and must be restrained. The party retires to bed to consider their options.

The next morning, Ric takes the group to a jeweler, who promises to grind the stone down later that day. Satisfied, the party heads to the church of Mystra, where Scholar Fornlen delivers some good news, she thinks she can help Sestina!

Yaz is thrilled by this news for a full three minutes before Father Grek and his enforcers come smashing through the door, followed by Dirk Blocker and his bought city guards and Lt Cmdr Doughty of the Flaming Fist.

As the three groups vying for the eye of Gruumsh have a tense standoff, Katriel takes charge of the situation. That is, until a disguised Pyek throws a shuriken into Katriel’s arm, causing her to drop the stone and reveal the blood elemental within.

While the two groups of guards and the orcs fight, the party scrambles to contain the angry blood elemental. Ezra causes the monster to flee into the market and the team, except Yazgash, follows. Yaz, throwing aside her violent instincts, turns to the books in the temple, finding the volume needed to contain the raging elemental.

But as she rushes out to help, she sees she’s too late. Ric and Katriel, using some quick thinking, have lured the blood elemental back into its containment stone using the only thing they know it likes: blood.

Ric takes a meeting with an intense and mysterious patron, Denanda Isilban, who hires him to help her find some masks that “the one true church of the dragon” is seeking. Ric, figuring that she doesn’t mean Bahamut, agrees. He explains to the group that he has to leave to work as a double agent against the cult.

-Katriel and Pyek argue at the feet of a raging blood elemental
-Katriel pays her debt to Ezra
-Yaz tells Gruumsh to shove it
-Rictar requests Yaz’s comfort animal, a stuffed rodent
-Ezra uses powerful magic! To send a blood elementa into a crowded market!

Baldurghazi Part Two
The Orcs Have Eyes

Yaz and Ez look into Sestina’s dragon egg related illness. Scholar Fornden, priest of Mystra, volunteers to help on the condition that she can write the case up. Publish or perish! Yaz reluctantly agrees.

While laboriously making their way through a treatise on the effect of ley lines on subterranean aquifers, Yaz and Ez are surprised by the entrance of Father Grek, a half-Orc priest of Gruumsh and his band of goons. Father Grek demands the return of his eye and threatens the burning of the temple of Mystra if it isn’t returned.

Across town Katriel and Ric are shaken down by some local cops and Ric reads his letter.

Reunited, the group discusses their options and Ric hands the eye to Ezra to decide its fate.

The party makes contact with Ackyn Selebon, who talks them through the process of hiring on to a caravan. And Pyek, the stranger from the market, stops by for a nightcap and a chat.

-Yaz dips her toe in the dizzying world of Orc theology.
-Katriel and Ric bemoan the rising cost of policemen


Yazgash is reunited with her sister Sestina and the two cultists are slain. The party brings with them a dragon egg, recovered from the wreck of the cultist’s barge, that Tina is magically bound to.

Baldur’s Gate is as corrupt as ever. After a welcoming home bribe at the gates, a strange man laughed at and tossed a ceramic lump to Rictar asking Ric to meet him at the Mermaid at 8 the following night. Some Flaming Fist guards came around the corner in hot pursuit. They briefly questioned the group, but once their story is confirmed the mercenaries took up their pursuit again.

As Ezra and Yaz head with Tina to the temple of Mystra, Ric and Katriel head to Ric’s shop, where he gets a letter.

-Katriel commissions a piece of art

Feast Mode Part Three
Rollin' (Dice) On the Rivuh

Our intrepid heroes meet up with Sir Frume the morning following their triumphant feast performance. After some apologies for doubting the group, Sir Frume asked them to take up a new job. Join a caravan containing cult members in Baldur’s Gate and travel with the cult, not alerting the Tiamat worshippers to their presence, but finding out what they can. If the cultists veer off the Trade Way, the party is to follow them and find out where all this treasure is going to and what it’s being used for.

The group agrees to take on this task and, after a short shopping trip, they set sail for Baldur’s Gate along the Chionthar River. After a couple of days the party finds a wrecked barge on the south bank. Two of the barge’s previous sailors try to wave the party off, saying they’re fine, but the third passenger who flags over our heroes’ barge is none other than Yazgash’s kidnapped sister!

-Yazgash catches a fish
-the creepy three goblins and a child brigade stop by again, this time to rummage through the barge’s supplies
-no arm lady on a barge who totally wasn’t a trap

Feast Mode Part II
Altered Feast

Having been rebuffed by Ontharr Frume, our beloved party crash the Feast of the Companion to show him who the real heroes (of Greenest) are! Conspiring to enter, and win, as many events as possible the group split up.

Yazgash entered the foot race and won handily, and wrestling match and won handily, and the drinking contest, where she lost to her new best friend. To be fair, at that point, all the competitors were her best friends, though.. Ezra entered the horseback riding contest and suffered a close call defeat, the pie eating contest and won, setting new pie-eating record! Moving on from his gastrointestinal achievements the humble and dignified priest entered the dancing contest, and lost badly, narrowly avoiding spraying his competitors with the spoils of the pie-eating contest. Katriel won the archery contest, traded a lifetime’s salary to a woman for her place in the dance contest and lost, then won the drinking contest to console herself. Ric filled in for the lead in the play, The Concubine of Sass Tam and, well. Sucked. Really sucked eggs. He put in an admirable effort, but he really bit the big one. Thrice.

After all this, everyone entered the open mic and explored their inner pain. It was. It was something really special.

Finally, Sir Ontharr Frume approached the heroes and invited them to join him for a planning breakfast before the feast starts on the next day.

- goddamn EVERYTHING

Feast Mode
An Elturgard Home Companion

Our intrepid heroes arrive in Elturel and are led to the Harper agent Leosin. After thanking, and paying, the party, Leosin dismisses everyone but Ezra. Yazgash discovers The Feast Of The Companion, along with a laundry list of events to attend. Katriel does some shopping, but is interrupted by an excitable Ezra, who ruins her attempts at bargaining. Rictar meets up with an old friend and talks business. Eventually, Leosin offers Katriel a place among the Harpers and offers a new mission to the whole party. Leosin wants our heroes to infiltrate a caravan with cultists on the Trade Way and follow them to their destination, gathering information along the way. He’ll need to sell this pitch to his colleague in the Order of the Gauntlet.

Yazgash nearly mars herself for the chance to engage in competition.
Katriel gets a nearly new shield.
Rictar’s best friend is charming, personable, kinda evil.
Ezra gets a tattoo!


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