Horde of the Dragon Queen

Lizardmen in the High Castle Part Five

Our heroes fought their way through the dining hall of Castle Naerytar and made their way into the temple of Myrkul below the castle. There they found, and rescued, a group of slaves of the cult. Daar smashed some altars to death gods, finally releasing the spirit of Strongor Bonebinder.

The Lizardman In The Swamp Castle Part Four
There's A Tear In My Farseer

The central tower is breached. Daar and Avery chase Borngray up it finding the old observatory and learning that there are two black dragons in the swamp.

The Lizardman In The Swamp Castle Part Three
A Lot Of Fascist Imagery

Libraries were searched, slaves discovered, books burned.

The party confronts Rezmir, Azbara Jos and, presumably, Dralmorrer Borngray!

The Lizardman In The Swamp Castle Part Two
Crocodile Schlock

Avery, Jamna, Snapjaw and Daar brazenly walk into the castle and take position in the courtyard.

Ezra, Yaz and Brynn, along with two lizardman bros, climb the southeast tower and kill some spiders.

The Lizardman In The Swamp Castle
Best Laid Plans of Half-Orcs, Half-Elves, Dragonborn and Men. Man. One Man.

The party discusses plans to invade Castle Nyraetar with Snapjaw the lizardman leader.

Meeting With The Dragon
Black Mass(ive Dragon)

The party meets with a black dragon, Voaraghamanthar, who takes human form for the conversation. Voaraghamanthar asks for the party’s help in getting back the Ring of Myrkul and The Prophecies of Strongor Bonebinder, both of which should be in Castle Vaerytar. He offers the help of the lizardfolk who work there. In exchange, the party will get to follow the trail of the cult’s treasure wagons.

My Way Or The Trade Way Part Four
Abashed and Aburned

Yaz and Avery follow the tunnel beneath the storeroom to find a cave system with multiple branchings. One such branching brings them back to what appears to be an old site of the Carnath Roadhouse. Another exit to the cave brings the duo outside, where they find a well traveled trail into the marsh. After hours of walking along the trail they stop to camp and make a fire. Soon thereafter a black dragon attacks, burning each of them with it’s deadly acid. They return for back-up, abashed and aburned.

Meanwhile, Ezra and Daar talk their way back into the compound. Mostly, anyway. Ezra is turned away at the door a number of times. The next day the two trail the workers to their jobsite and look for their friends there, not finding them.

My Way Or The Trade Way Part Three
Underground Failroad

Our intrepid party comes up with a plan and executes! Three different ways! Avery makes himself and Yazgash invisible and Ezra, Daar and, eventually, Yaz, tell the guards three different stories to get them away from their post. Having left the door of the storeroom open in confusion, Avery and Yaz sneak in.

Sorry this is so short but holy crap I’m busy with baby stuff and life and I love you guys sorry.

My Way Or The Trade Way Part Two
Bar For The Course

Ezra and Lemmy duel. Lemmy takes a solid beating, then yields when Daar insists.

Our heroes find out that the cult is leaving the roadhouse soon. They get a peak into the store room and find the cultist’s boxes are marked. Yaz nearly starts a rumble with Bog and the workers. Ezra looks for a tunnel in the swamp, but does not find one. Yaz projects into the mind of a snake friend and sees a black dragon fly overhead.

Meanwhile Daar mingled with the stoned workers. The cultists have visited before and Gristle Pete, the cook, gets irritable after they leave.

My Way Or The Trade Way
More Like Bar Wrath Roadhouse

Kind of a short one this week!

Our merry adventurers check in their things with the roadhouse’s superintendent, Bog Luck, and check out their rooms. Leaving Brynn to guard their things the party makes their way to the road house’s common room. They meet the camp’s cook, Gristle Pete, who looks tired and overworked. He tells Avery (it was Avery, right?) that he couldn’t sleep last night for the scritch scratch of the rats downstairs in the warehouse. The rats tend to stay for a few days at a time and then disappear for a month or more.

Ezra is challenged to a duel by Lemmi Jimpson, irate cultist.


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