Horde of the Dragon Queen



Yazgash is reunited with her sister Sestina and the two cultists are slain. The party brings with them a dragon egg, recovered from the wreck of the cultist’s barge, that Tina is magically bound to.

Baldur’s Gate is as corrupt as ever. After a welcoming home bribe at the gates, a strange man laughed at and tossed a ceramic lump to Rictar asking Ric to meet him at the Mermaid at 8 the following night. Some Flaming Fist guards came around the corner in hot pursuit. They briefly questioned the group, but once their story is confirmed the mercenaries took up their pursuit again.

As Ezra and Yaz head with Tina to the temple of Mystra, Ric and Katriel head to Ric’s shop, where he gets a letter.

-Katriel commissions a piece of art


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