Horde of the Dragon Queen

Feast Mode Part Three

Rollin' (Dice) On the Rivuh

Our intrepid heroes meet up with Sir Frume the morning following their triumphant feast performance. After some apologies for doubting the group, Sir Frume asked them to take up a new job. Join a caravan containing cult members in Baldur’s Gate and travel with the cult, not alerting the Tiamat worshippers to their presence, but finding out what they can. If the cultists veer off the Trade Way, the party is to follow them and find out where all this treasure is going to and what it’s being used for.

The group agrees to take on this task and, after a short shopping trip, they set sail for Baldur’s Gate along the Chionthar River. After a couple of days the party finds a wrecked barge on the south bank. Two of the barge’s previous sailors try to wave the party off, saying they’re fine, but the third passenger who flags over our heroes’ barge is none other than Yazgash’s kidnapped sister!

-Yazgash catches a fish
-the creepy three goblins and a child brigade stop by again, this time to rummage through the barge’s supplies
-no arm lady on a barge who totally wasn’t a trap


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